[mrtg] squid & mrtg

Dan Larsson support at junglenote.com
Thu Jul 22 13:32:34 MEST 1999


I've been wrecking my brain trying to monitor squid with mrtg. I've read the faqs and docs on snmp and squid.
I'm using mrtg-2.8.3 with gd-1.6 and squid-2.2S4. mrtg fails to reach target, which is I believe because squid
doesn't respond on port 3401, which in part is quite amazing since I've done the necessary changes in the squid
configuration file ( squid was compiled with the --enable-snmp flag ). As mrtg configuration file I use the exact
file, with some path changes, that can be fetched off the squid-snmp pages. Pointers are greatly appreciated
cause I'm all out of ideas and joltcola.



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