[mrtg] [robin at funmail.co.uk: script problem]

Robin Kearney robin at riviera.org.uk
Thu Jul 22 14:06:17 MEST 1999

okay I hope somebody here can help me with this.

I have two scripts which get called from mrtg.conf, the first monitors incoming/outgoing mail and the second monitors sessions on a oracle db, their output is :

[root at dent mrtg]# ./mail-stats.sh 

[root at dent mrtg]# 


[root at admin mrtg]# ./sessions1.pl 

[root at admin mrtg]# 

they are both called in the same manner:

Target[mail]: `/home/httpd/html/mrtg/mail-stats.sh`

but nothing seems to get logged in either the graphs or the log files.  For everything else (snmp) mrtg is working fine.

am I doing something wrong?

Robin Kearney			http://riviera.org.uk/
robin at riviera.org.uk		mobile: 0973 818 354

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