[mrtg] Re: script problem

Glenn Forbes Fleming Larratt glratt at is.rice.edu
Thu Jul 22 15:22:41 MEST 1999

Is Bourne shell your normal shell environment? mrtg has always seemed
pretty robust in this respect (kudos Tobi), but I've often found 
weirdnesses in my own Perl scripts that were shell-dependent. Can
you post mail-stats.sh?


On Thu, 22 Jul 1999, Robin Kearney wrote:

> okay I tried:
> a) running mrtg from the command line, nothing
> b) redirecting stderr, creates and empty file :(
> c) making sure everybody can run the script, yes they can.
> This is what I have in mrtg.cfg:
> Target[mail]: `/home/httpd/html/mrtg/mail-stats.sh 2>/tmp/mail-stats.err`
> MaxBytes[mail]: 150
> Options[mail]: gauge
> Title[mail]: dent Sendmail Statistics
> PageTop[mail]: dent Sendmail Statistics</H1>
> WithPeak[mail]: dwmy
> YLegend[mail]: No. of messages
> ShortLegend[mail]: messages
> LegendI[mail]: &nbsp;Incoming:
> LegendO[mail]: &nbsp;Outgoing:
> nothing strange or unusual.  the output is at http://dent.riviera.org.uk/mrtg/mail.html as you can see nothing :(
> I thought it might just be a lack of mail, it is a new box, so I ran "while (true) ; do ; mail robin at funmail.co.uk < /etc/hosts ; sleep 10 ; done" from the cmd line, and watched the output from mail-stats rocket up as expected, but still nothing on the 
> Anybody have any further ideas?

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