[mrtg] mrtg on linux red hat 5.2

Engels PHAT PEN at oce.nl
Thu Jul 22 15:20:03 MEST 1999

I want to run mrtg on a linux redhat 5.2 box. One of the components I need
to install before I can use mrtg is the gd tool. When I run make I got an
error message. This error message is generated because gd needs some other

error message:
gcc -g    -c gd.c -o gd.o
gd.c:5:  zlibh:  no file or directory
make : ***{[gd.o] Error 1

I know I've forgotten to install one of the tools/programs during the linux
installation. The problem is I don't know which tool/program I should
install. Installing everything is also a problem because I've a lack of disk

I had this problem before during a previously installation but I forgot the
name of the tool/program I installed afterwards. 

Can someone tell me which basic linux component gd needs to run.

Piet Engels
Océ Technologies B.V.
Postbus 101
5900 MA Venlo
Phone +31 77 3592536
Fax   +31 77 3595484
email pen at oce.nl

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