[mrtg] Re: OID for modem current connection rate under Linux?

Khurram Farhan Hassan khassan at aster.com.pk
Mon Jul 26 00:00:44 MEST 1999


> ----- Original Message -----
 >From: Joey Officer <jofficer at insidehouston.org>
 > You need to find the OID for (most likely) ppp0  and monitor this link.
> doubt that it will be something that has a default, because of each system
> being different.  An snmpwalk should reveal the proper OID for ppp0.  Or,
> you are using the Linux box as a gateway for the rest of your network,
> you 'could' just monitor the eth0 and watch the traffic on that port.

 Thanks for your help. Perhaps I was not clear in my earlier package. I am
monitoring OID ., but it is always 28800, even when the
modem connects at 33.6. Also, the connection retrains during the connection
(shifting up/down), but this OID always gives the same reading. I have a
Microcom modem with an LCD display which gives me the current connection
rate. How can I get this rate?


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