[mrtg] 2.8.5 & AIX 4.2.1

Darren Henderson darren at bmv.state.me.us
Mon Jul 26 15:46:20 MEST 1999

Hey folks,

I've been running MRTG for quite some time with no problems, a great tool.

I recently attempted to upgrade to 2.8.5 from 2.5.4. I also upgraded to
the latest GD lib and installed libpng and zlib.

Get everything set up, try executing it from a prompt and it works great.
However, when I try to execute it from cron it always dies with a memory
segmentation fault....

Anyone solved a similar problem?

Darren Henderson                                  darren at bmv.state.me.us
                                            darren.henderson at state.me.us

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