[mrtg] Extreme numbers of MRTG Targets.

Bruce Campbell bruce.campbell at apnic.net
Tue Jul 27 04:54:57 MEST 1999

I've got an application which requires the graphing of a sizeable number
of Targets.  As I've found out, mrtg does not gracefully deal with >5000
targets [1] in one cfg file.

Based on people's experience, whats the largest number of targets usable
in a single cfg file?

Writing a seperate config file for each target is not an optimal solution
simply because of the overhead in starting up mrtg each time, and hacking
the fundamentals out of mrtg is something I'd prefer to avoid if possible.

An alternative is simply generating the graphs at view-time and caching
the results, but in this instance I'd prefer a simple solution.


Sysadm, APNIC.

[1] Yes, over Five Thousand.  In one run. 

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