[mrtg] Solaris Related Problems Off topic post - sorry

Charles Gillanders charles at toucan.ie
Wed Jul 28 18:00:37 MEST 1999

Hi this is an off topic post, sorry but I have no idea where else to ask.

I'm successfully using MRTG and the UCD snmp libs  monitor disk space,
processor usage and free real and virtual memory on a solaris 2.6 system.
MRTG works great - thanks Tobias for a great little tool.

It's what mrtg shows up that has me worried, the real memory free very
quickly falls from near 500Mb (the box has 512Mb in it) to just about 7 - 8
Mb.  If I run top on the system and sort everything by size rather than cpu,
I can count up all the memory that the various processess are using, guess
what it doesn't add up to anywhere near 500Mb, more like a 100 or so.

So my question(s) is(are) where has my memory gone and should I be worried?
Does anyone else monitor similar stats with a sun and notice similar
results?  Does anyone have any pointers for mailing lists / web sites /
usenet groups etc. that might be able to advise?

I should point out that having seen the graphs and not believed them I
wondered if the UCD libs were giving me bum data, I ran top at intervals
over the 30 minute period or so following a reboot, and top also shows this
steady decrease in the amount of free real memory available.



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