[mrtg] Re: MRTG and 2 CPU with NT

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Thu Jul 29 17:14:33 MEST 1999

Well we all know how bad MS implemented SNMP on NT.  NEedless to say
Ive tried to monitor dual CPU servers without much avail.  Until I
found out this:  If the server is brand name (ie Compaq) you can get
the proper SNMP implementation from the company.  Compaq has Insight
Agent software that will allow you to monitor both CPU properly.  Funny
thing is that when you open task manager on a dual CPU machine, it
shows the CPU load properly, but not with SNMP.

Thanks Mike...


BTW I haven't got a chance to install Inishgt Agent yet..

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> >Hello,
> >
> >I have a NT server with 2 CPU.
> >I found OID for CPU but, with MRTG, I only see the first CPU and I
don't know
> >how to watch the activity of the second CPU.
> >
> >Does someone know how to resolve this (script, special OID)??
> >Any help will be welcome.

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