[mrtg] Rateup Error

djoy at ca.ibm.com djoy at ca.ibm.com
Thu Jul 29 17:57:43 MEST 1999

I've included my original message below.  Essentially, under AIX, rateup is seg
faulting.  Below is the exact line that
is causing the fault fron the function "image" in rateup.c:

GFORM_GD (graph, fo);

This maps back to "gdImagePng" in the gd library.  Aside from this I don't know
what to check next.  Any ideas
out there?

Hi.  I have just installed mrtg 2.8.6.  I am also using these versions for the
support programs:

gd-1_6_2.tar      libpng-1_0_3.tar  perl5.005_03

I'm running under AIX ver rs6000-ibm-aix4.3.2.0.

I get the following message everytime I try running mrtg.  I don't think this is
 a problem with
the device being queried as the result is same with different vendors devices.
Any ideas?:

PROBLEM: rateup died from Signal 11
 with Exit Value 0 when doing router 'r1'
 code was 139, retcode was A system call received a parameter that is not valid.
. If this happens all the time,
 you should probably investigate the cause. :-)

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