[mrtg] Another MRTG user needs help (NT, Cisco)

Lawrence Brown LBrown at iPrint.com
Thu Jul 29 23:57:54 MEST 1999

I would like to use MRTG to monitor the following on my NT servers:

Load Average
Memory Utilization
Network Traffic
Number of Users
Pagefile and Memory Capacity
I/O Buffer Cache
DNLC Hit Rates
File Systems Capacity
Number of Open Files

And also on my Cisco 3620 router
CPU Load
Memory Utilization

Lastly I'd like to see utilization for
Catalyst 1900
Catalyst 2900
Catalyst 4003
network switches.

ANY help would be appreciated.
I've read the NT MTRG users guide, I searched Cisco's website....

When I am done, I will repost a summary with the information I have gathered.
Thanks in advance.
Lawrence H. Brown,  Network Engineer
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