[mrtg] Graphs/Data Inconsistency

Calvin M Meloon calvin at gulf.net
Fri Jul 30 20:27:44 MEST 1999

I'm trying to generate a weekly report for our external lines to our
upstream providers (UUNet, Sprintlink, and MCI). First, I've written a
program to parse the log files for those links to make sure I match the
data on the graphs. The problem is that my numbers don't match the graphs.

One thing I've noticed is that the daily graph shows about 33 hours of
data, but log files show lines 2 through 601 as the five minute intervals
which is 50 hours. The weekly graph shows a little over 8 days, but the
log files contain 300 hours or 12.5 days, but adding the 50 hours for the
five minute data, this goes back about 14.6 days or so.

My question, therefore, is which time frames do the numbers on the mrtg
web pages represent? The log file time frames or the graph time frames?

I'm not far off on my figures, about 6%, but I really want the numbers to
have less than a percent margin of error.


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