[mrtg] indexmaker 2.8.8, how to included links in top RH corner ?

Voytek Eymont voytek at sbt.net.au
Wed Nov 3 09:32:59 MET 1999

I've been using mrtg 2.5.3;
I've edited indexmaker (the University logo/links) to my own, and, it worked
fine, giving links in top RHS corner

now, I've installed 2.8.8;
i've re-run indexmaker (2.8.8), but, do'nt seem to get my links...

I've edited (?) indexmaker with my URL, just below here:
 if (!$headeronce) {


how to I triger this option... ?

(i don't understand Perl, sorry....) 

Voytek Eymont
SBT Information Systems Pty Ltd
phone +61-2 9310-1144 fax +61-2 9310-1118 

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