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Tobias Oetiker oetiker at ee.ethz.ch
Wed Nov 3 15:12:20 MET 1999


There is a new version of MRTG available ...


* MORE translations
* Some Bug fixes
* Better RRDtool integration with 14all.cgi
* many updates for contrib tree

As usual you can get the latest version from



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Changes 2.8.9
From: Rainer.Bawidamann at informatik.uni-ulm.de
 - update for rrdtool integration 14all.cgi
From: Morten S. Nielsen <msn at ipt.dtu.dk>
 - Added more modular translation system
From: Ilja Pavkovic <illsen at gumblfarz.de>
 - Added German Translation
From: "Tate <<AD><AB><A5><CD>>" <tate at joy-tech.com.tw>
 - Chinese Translation
From: John-Mark Gurney <gurney_j at efn.org>
 - cfgmaker_ip ... keep first address and not last ..
From: Assakhof Bin Ab. Satar <assakhof at mimos.my>
 - Malayan translation
From: Tobi
 - restored mibhelp to its old glory ..
From: Jon Rifkin <rifkin at uconn.edu>
 - added ability to index interfaces by physical address analog to
   the existing IP stuff ... there is now also a cfgmaker_phys
From: Lukasz Jokiel <Lukasz.Jokiel at po.opole.pl>                                 
 - polish translation 
From: Hideyuki Suzuki <hideyuki at sat.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp>                            
 - graphing fix for rateup ... 
From: Matthew Schumacher <schu at 7x.com>                                          
 - cpuinfo contrib
From: Paul E. Erkkila <pee at gblx.net>                                            
 - contrib cisco config tftp
From: Iulian Radu <iulian_r at starnets.ro>                                        
 - updates and bugfixes for mrtgmk v2.0 
From: David Boone <David.Boone at premier-systems.net>
 - fix for -F/-f in indexmaker
 - fix for view type in indexmaker
From: Matthias Cramer <cramer at dolphins.c>
 - cisco accounting contrib
From: Karl Friesen <krf at southwind.net>                                          
 - added -lm to LIBS in configure.in
From: Morten S. Nielsen <msn at ipt.dtu.dk>                                        
 - patching system for languages ... check translate directory
From: "Kloberg Mac (LAM)" <mac.kloberg at lam.liebherr.com>
 - NSI (Network Status Imager for MRTG) contrib
From: Rawlin Blake <blake at nevada.edu>                                           
 - updates for mrtg-archiver

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