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paul.zahalan paul.zahalan at damark.com
Thu Nov 4 22:38:38 MET 1999

I am trying to get stats from some of our NT servers. I have a copy of Getif
installed on my workstation. I have downloaded perfmon. I have copied the
Mib.bin file into the mib directory. I have deleted the index file and let
it recreate it. When I select the NT server and do a walk 2 things happen.
First it walks the tree but I don't get any descriptions for the oid's. I
thought from reading here that I would see the text descriptions for each
oid. And the second thing is that the tree.doc file shows oid's past what
shows up with the walk.  What really obvious thing am I missing?  How does
getif know which mib file to reference to get this info?


> Paul Zahalan
> Damark International
> email paul.zahalan at damark.com

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