[mrtg] Re: Ignore when interfaces move?

Peter Lalor plalor at infoasis.com
Thu Nov 4 22:56:22 MET 1999

>>I monitor a good number of Ascend/Lucent devices with many 
>>interfaces. One of them in particular terminates a number of ATM 
>>PVCs. My problem is that for various reasons the interface will 
>>move to another number, for example when the far end resets. This 
>>means that I'm forever getting messages like this from MRTG:
>>Warning: There is something wrong with Target '- at router'
>>* Its ifDescr used to be 'wan513'
>>* Now it is 'wan549'
>>Is there any way to have MRTG just ignore these errors? It seems 
>>I'm forever editing the mrtg.ok file.

>The simplest way to 'ignore' these is to delete the .ok file.

I'm trying to avoid manually dealing with it at all. Editing it isn't 
much harder than deleting it and both are a daily waste of time.

>That way, there is nothing to compare against and it will always be OK.

Presumably, MRTG creates this file for a reason. I could have cron 
delete it all the time, but I don't want to unless I know what it is.

I'd like to see an "ignoreif" option that you could add to a target 
if you don't care if it moves.

Peter Lalor           Infoasis
plalor at infoasis.com   http://www.infoasis.com/

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