[mrtg] Squid and mrtg 2.8.8

Voytek Eymont voytek at sbt.net.au
Fri Nov 5 12:34:57 MET 1999

I'd like to access Squid2 with mrtg 2.8.8

I understand I need a Squid compiled with SNMP support; but, what do I need
at mrtg 2.8.8. end ?

if I recall older threads here.... Squid's SNMP runs on port 3401 (?); and,
older mrtg didn't likeit..?

will mrtg 2.8.8 accept snmp on not 'normal' snmp port ?
what/where do I need to specify ?

Voytek Eymont
SBT Information Systems Pty Ltd
phone +61-2 9310-1144 fax +61-2 9310-1118 

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