[mrtg] Re: !!! Unix Performance Monitoring !!!

Steve Rothanburg srothan at bandit.soc.lib.md.us
Fri Nov 5 14:59:00 MET 1999

Well, if you're a masochist, you could just do an snmpwalk. Depending on the
snmpd configuration it could be a very long list. So far I've discovered
that the snmpd that comes with Solaris is kind of buggy and has to be
restarted often. The stats reported by the snmpd in Debian Linux 2.1 for
ethernet traffic look wrong. And Debian Linux 2.2  (uses UCD SNMP 4.0) has
some nice features that I need to look into. I was actually monitoring the
ethernet ports on all of our servers for a while but I had to give up on the
Sun boxes until I can at very least replace the snmpd with something that
does die every few days and does have so many holes.

Ambrose Chiu wrote:

> I was thinking about monitoring just the basic CPU, Disk, Memory, and
> Network components. Do you mean the snmpd daemon will allow mrtg to read
> thes variables already?? If so, where can I find the OID or object names
> for these target variables??

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