[mrtg] Re: Removing a "blip"?

Peter Lalor plalor at infoasis.com
Sat Nov 6 01:45:29 MET 1999

>         We ran into a networking problem recently that blasted 39Mbs
>to every since port on every single switch.  As such, every graph currently
>shows a tremendous spike, and anything else thats normally usable is gone.

I hate when that happens.

>         I'm wondering if there is some utility or something that I can
>run saying "From 2-3PM today, pretend the switch was unreachable and
>adjust everything accordingly".  I was told I could hand edit the log,
>delete the old, and it would re-calc everything.  I have alot to do this
>to and wondered if there was something I can do programatically?

You can set MaxBytes to something lower than the peaks to chop it 
off. I don't know if it works retroactively. The trouble with that is 
that when you legitimately hit a peak that high, MaxBytes will chop 
it off too.

Or, you can go through a .log file to find the spike, then script 
something to blow it away in all your .log files. You'll also have to 
do it in the .old file, and I found that I had to delete the yearly 
graph too.

It was a major pain, and I wouldn't be surprised if the spike 
reappears in the graphs (I only just did this).

Peter Lalor           Infoasis
plalor at infoasis.com   http://www.infoasis.com/

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