[mrtg] Re: Temperature graphing problem from MEASURE UPS!

Peter Evans peter at gol.com
Sun Nov 7 03:50:16 MET 1999

Mike Holley- (mholley at deltacontrols.com) wrote:
> I am using MRTG in conjunction with a MEASURE UPS II slot card in one of our

> using to get the temperature information is,

LoadMIBs: /**********************/mrtg/powernet.mib

Target[2]: apc.products.hardware.measureUps.mUpsEnviron.mUpsEnvironAmbientTemperature.0&apc.products.hardware.ups.upsAdvBattery.upsAdvBatteryTemperature.0:public@**********
Title[2]: murasaki-ups
YLegend[2]: Degrees
ShortLegend[2]: C
Options[2]: growright, nopercent,  gauge
Legend1[2]: Temperature
Legend2[2]: Battery Temperature
Legend3[2]: Max temperature over 5 minutes
Legend4[2]: Battery Temperature
LegendI[2]: Temp
LegendO[2]: Battery Temp
PageTop[2]: <H1> Temperature </H1>
MaxBytes[2]: 100

	(if it gets any hotter, it isnt going to matter)

(the oid cache contains)

which agrees with what you have.

http://www.gol.ad.jp/ currently has two little dials on it from a measure II



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