[mrtg] Re: Temperature graphing problem from MEASURE UPS!

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Sun Nov 7 13:54:53 MET 1999

> I am using Linux 6.0, and the utility that is returning the value "gauge:21"
> is Linux's native snmpget and snmpwalk. I do have the OID specified twice in

So what happpens when you specify this OID in the MRTG config file?  Do you
get an error from MRTG?  Are you sure MRTG receives "gauge:21"?

Could it perhaps be that MRTG didn't complain but also didn't produce the
desired result?  If so, you may have forgotten to set the gauge option?

> the MRTG.CFG, as I do realize that it needs both an in and out OID to check
> as the program was originally intended for traffic analysis only. I guess I
> will have to simply write a script to deal with this issue of removing the
> non-integer characters. Are there any helpful pointers, or resources that
> you could point towards as I have never had to write a perl script before.

I wrote you a script that might help.  It is a shell script, not perl.
> >
> >    snmpget ups1 public \
> >          . \
> >          . | awk '{print $4}'
> >    echo quite some time
> >    echo ups1
> >

Run this script and it should return
     quite some time
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