[mrtg] Re: Newbie answer from newbie question

Elsie Simonton elsiels at srttel.com
Mon Nov 8 21:25:35 MET 1999

Thank you all I am getting closer and starting to understand.
1.  Since I have pages of info on the snmpwalk of . then I therefor know that this is right (correct??)
2.  The line that Alex asked about was only one.  10.0 with an counter of 93.  What does this mean???  such as 93 calls????
3.  I have been running mrtg with this info in and have a blank line thus I am still missing something!!!!!   Where do I look now?????

>>> Alex van den Bogaerdt <alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl> 11/08 2:12 PM >>>
Elsie Simonton wrote:
> Robin:
> Maybe I am not finding the right stuff to read as I still do not under
> So I went back to trying to use the numbers that we were given by the 
> .
> ublic at XXX.XXX.XXX 
> I can not get a snmpget to work on these numbers and the info is blank

You now seem to know how to work snmpget and snmpwalk.  Try to snmpwalk
that part of the tree, skipping the 10.0 at the end.  Route the output
to a file if necessary so you can view it more easely.

Command similar to:
   snmpwalk xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx public .

Possible outcome:
-a- You see a line ending in 429.
-b- You see some lines ending in 429.  with x being from 1 to 8
-c- You don't see any similar lines

The OID returned (you may have to alter the prefix to make it a full OID)
is what you can use.

In case A, you added ".0" where you shouldn't.  In case B, each modem
reports its state and you have to use another OID for the total number
in use, or calculate that from each line with status "active".
In case C you're out of luck (as far as this OID is concerned) as it is
not available (or perhaps not using snmp V1?)

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