[mrtg] Re: Newbie answer from newbie question

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Mon Nov 8 23:45:10 MET 1999

Elsie Simonton wrote:
> Yet here is the snmpwalk answer: 
> enterprises.429. = Counter: 96
> Do I need to tell mrtg to ignore the word counter:????
You probably don't need to do that.  Look at the first line in your
mrtg log file.  If it is different from zero, mrtg is doing fine.

Counter means that it starts at zero and is ever increasing.
0 is the instance, telling you that it is not a per-interface counter
but is an overall.

By the way: you do snmpwalk and get to see
    enterprises.429. = Counter: 96
This means that the OID is
You should get the same output when doing
    snmpget xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx public .

If it is non-zero, you do get the value of the counter.  However, you
probably ask mrtg to display the number of calls per second.  This will
most likely be below 1 and is rounded down to zero.

Try the "gauge" option and see if you do get a graph.  If you do, you're
halfway.  Next to do is scan the documentation for "perhour" and add
it to your config file while removing the gauge option again.

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