[mrtg] Re: Scale

Jorge Juarez Tacuba jjtacuba at zamora.podernet.com.mx
Wed Nov 10 13:47:13 MET 1999

I had a similar problem. This occured to me, because I had set MaxBytes 
wrong, then MRTG collected some bad values.
I corrected this cleannig those records from log file. Any MRTG option 
works because those values are in log file already.
[Keith Lee wrote]
	I've just added a new router to my mrtg configuration file. Upon viewing 
the web pages, I've found the scale to be completely off. The link is only 
capable of 128k, but there are peaks all the way up to 1480.0 k. As well, 
there's a red horizonal line that looks like it's marking the 128k point on 
the graph. I've set MaxBytes 16000 as well as set the Unscale Option, but 
nothing seems to work. Please Help. --Keith Lee

Ing. Jorge Juarez Tacuba
I.C. Computo y Comunicaciones, S.A. de C.V.
Zamora, Michoacan
Tel.: (3) 515 5542
Fax: (3) 515 1005

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