[mrtg] Re: all in one conf or multiple?

Larry Sheldon lsheldon at creighton.edu
Wed Nov 10 22:34:31 MET 1999

> 	What is everyone's recommendations for whether or not to put 
> all the configs into one file or keeping them in their own seperate 
> file?  Right now I have scripts, configs, and a shell script to call 
> mrtg with the correct config all setup.  What would be the benefit or 
> combining those configs (or at least related configs) into one conf 
> file?

The list archives are probably full of the many discussions on this subject,
but the short and definitive answer is:  "It depends.".

It depends on what platform you run MRTG on (and its capcities and
capabilities), the nature of the stuff you are monitoring (lots of tidy
groups), and so on.

I run 8 "runs", each with one .cfg.  Most of the .cfg's are organized
by type of stuff monitored, some are the results of breaking up
.cfg's that would not complete in 5 minutes on the platform they were
on at the time.
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