[mrtg] Sort of a Newbie question

arosenbaum at ets.org arosenbaum at ets.org
Wed Nov 10 20:57:52 MET 1999

A real sort of newbie question!!!!

I have a Cisco 6509 switch w/100mb ports

I have a 6509.cfg file (excerpt to follow)

WorkDir: /opt/apache/share/images/mrtg
IconDir: /images/mrtg/      
Options[^]: bits
Suppress[^]: wmy
Directory[_]: cat
PageTop[_]: <H1></H1>
Title[_]: Port Statistics

MaxBytes[_]: 12500000

Target[di6509_8_18]:  30:public at di6509.ets.org
Target[di6509_8_20]:  32:public at di6509.ets.org

I have a vlan.txt file (excerpt to follow)

ADWEB1 10mb Port:cat:di6509_8_18-day.gif:616
ADWEB2 10mb Port:cat:di6509_8_20-day.gif:616

The brand new cfg file is called di6509.cfg
Community name and DNS verified.
I copied this .cfg file via Word directly from working .cfg files.
There is no OK file present in my /data directory and I'm not creating any 
gif.  files in my /cat directory.
All other switch based cfg files work fine. 

What gives?

Any clues?

Thanks Art
Art Rosenbaum
Systems Engineer
Network & Systems Operations
Educational Testing Service
arosenbaum at ets.org

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