[mrtg] Re: float values in graphs needed

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Wed Nov 10 23:41:48 MET 1999

> I am not so experiences in MRTG but used it for a year or more. I'm
> pretty happy with mrtg but need some additional knowledge:
> 1) Can I somehow use non-integer values to input? I am monitoring
> temperature (http://www.s-jaani.ee/~tonu/mrtg/temp.html) and these
> graphs look pretty ugly now.
> 2) How can these graphs show numbers below 0? Temperature again can be
> -1 or less.
At least number 1 is not possible in MRTG and I think number 2 isn't
either.  You'll have to look into rrdtool for this.  Visit the site at

There are some sample scripts in the rrdtool tutorial which should get
you going.

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