[mrtg] Re: free memory space...

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Sat Nov 13 00:59:46 MET 1999

> Hi all..
> Does MRTG allow me to monitor free memory space of a router..?            
>  If yes, then how can I do it..? 
> help would be appreciated

Step 1: Know how MRTG works.  This can be done by reading the manual and
        by starting with something simple such as monitoring bandwidth
Step 2: Find out how you can ask your router for this information. This
        depends on several things; in most cases you can go to the web
        site of the manufacturer and search for "MIB and memory".
Step 3: Create a (or modify your existing) config file.  MRTG will then
        know how to get the information.

Memory is a gauge value (explained in the docs) so don't forget this
option or it won't work.

Remember: MRTG knows *nothing*.  It just collects numbers and processes
them.  It doesn't matter if these numbers present bytes free, degrees
celcius, wave height, solar radiation or whatever.  There are some
restrictions (such as: integers only) but bytes free shouldn't be a
problem.  However, *you* need to tell MRTG where to get the number and
how to process it.

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