[mrtg] interfaces

Jouko Hanninen UNIXNT99 jhannine at hornet.pspt.fi
Tue Nov 16 11:37:04 MET 1999

I had this kind of *.cfg (part of it):

Target[xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx]: 1:public at xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
MaxBytes[xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx]: 1250000
Title[xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx]: ------------------- (No hostname defined for IP
address): Ethernet0
PageTop[xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx]: <H1>Traffic Analysis for Ethernet0
Target[xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx.2]: 2:public at xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
 MaxBytes[xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx.2]: 193000
 Title[xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx.2]: ---------------------------------(): Serial0
 PageTop[xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx.2]: <H1>Traffic Analysis for Serial0
Target[xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx.3]: 3:public at xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
 MaxBytes[xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx.3]: 193000
 Title[xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx.3]: ---------------------------------(): Serial1
 PageTop[xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx.3]: <H1>Traffic Analysis for Serial1

I made it ./cfgmaker public at xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx > xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx.cfg

It is Cisco router 2511.

If i made my cfg-file by hand, how i can know what number means Ethernet
0, Serial 0 or Serial 1 (interfaces). Is it alawys same number:
1=Ethernet 0
2=Serial 0
3=Serial 1

(1:public at xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx = Traffic Analysis for Ethernet0)
(2:public at xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx = Traffic Analysis for Serial0)
(3:public at xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx = Traffic Analysis for Serial1)

I need measure only one interfaces.

If i made it by ./cfmaker, it makes everything alright.

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