[mrtg] increased granularity

Neil Calvert ncalvert at cabletron.com
Wed Nov 17 15:42:39 MET 1999

Hi all

I'm working on some up/down style reports using MRTG and have run into
some 'features'. The way it works is I post a 1 if a device (or port, or
process, whatever) is up/running, and a 0 if it is not. This works great
in the daily report.

As you progress from daily to weekly to monthly to yearly however,
resolution is lost as MRTG averages data, making it harder to see
outages later down the line. I was wondering if anyone had come up with
ways to work around this issue? Perhaps by making scripts to safely
archive each daily gif at midnight, or something? Either that, or is
there a way to modify the MRTG code to make it keep more granular
records (at the expense of disk space of course)

Grateful for any suggestions (But Alex, I already know about RRDTool,
trust me, someday I'll do it! ;) )


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