[mrtg] FOLLOWUP: Server statistics under Digital UNIX 4.0d

Thu Nov 18 18:30:50 MET 1999

I thought that I had this set up properly to record my CPU usage, but I
think something is still wrong:

my mrtg.cfg:
Target[cpu2]: `/usr/opt/local/metrics/logwatch_vm.sh
MaxBytes[cpu2]: 64000
Title[cpu2]: CPU Usage
PageTop[cpu2]: <H1>CPU Usage for lil_blarob</h1>

The script /usr/opt/local/metrics/logwatch_vm.sh produces the output for the
cpu usage with:
print "$cpu_val\n0\n\n"

When I look at cpu2.log:
lil_blarob:root# head /webdocs/mrtg/cpu2.log
942946212 3 0
942946212 0 0 0 0
942945913 0 0 0 0
942945900 0 0 0 0
942945600 0 0 0 0
942945300 0 0 0 0
942945000 0 0 0 0
942944700 0 0 0 0
942944400 0 0 0 0
942944100 0 0 0 0

The cpu usage value appears correctly in the top line, but these values
never get moved to other lines.  I've had mrtg being called every 5 minutes
by cron and while the top line always has the current cpu usage value, the
other lines remain "0 0 0 0".

What am I doing wrong?



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Subject: [mrtg] Server statistics under Digital UNIX 4.0d

I am curious as to how to configure mrtg to track various server statistics.
Currently, I am running a script that runs vmstat and exports that
information into a comma delimited file that I can import into Excel.  I'm
looking to track the following statistics:  waiting procs, memory usage, cpu
usage, I/O stats, swap usage, and filesystem sizes.

I've looked through some of the script in the contrib directory, but wasn't
able to find something that would work under DU.  If anyone has managed to
track these statistics, could you please help point me in the right


John Losey

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