[mrtg] Re: problems with disk/cpu data collections

Neil Calvert ncalvert at cabletron.com
Thu Nov 18 21:44:27 MET 1999

You answered it yourself - MRTG needs 2 variables to graph. if you don't
give it 2, it don' work!

Why not graph 2 separate disk partitions, or perhaps just graph the same
number twice, just to provide a second variable.

Personally I graph 2 partitions. My systems look at the root partition
and the partition most of the applications are installed on.


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>Yeah that was my bad...but when I change them to the correct ``, I get:
>Problem with Externale get
>'`/home/mrtg/mrtg-2.8.9/contrib/diskmon/getdisk.pl helios 1`':
>    Expected an INTEGER for 'out' but got ''
>I have been told that this is expected because mrtg wants 2 outputs and
>getdisk only shows one.  Still why doesn't the graph work?
>On Thu, 18 Nov 1999, Larry Sheldon wrote:
>> > I am having the same problem with my getdisk.  I can copy and paste
>> > exact line from my config:
>> >
>> > Target[ns1root]: '/home/httpd/html/mrtg/getdisk.pl ns1 1'
>> Should that not read:
>> Target[ns1root]: `/home/httpd/html/mrtg/getdisk.pl ns1 1`
>> ?
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