[mrtg] Weird statistics - Please help

cpt2 at daimlerchrysler.com cpt2 at daimlerchrysler.com
Fri Nov 19 20:19:28 MET 1999

Hi all,

I'm using MRTGg to track my cable modem.  I have NT with 2 nics and a win95

When I download something (using win95) the graph shows proper speed (i.e.

But when I check the NIC the cable modem is pluggged into, it shows barely any

I think I'm correct in asuming that the graph for the NIC conencted to the
cable modem should show the same throughput.  Yet it doesn't, it shows traffic
like 3 or 4 bytes/sec.

Can anyone suggest something here?

I realize that I have 2 NICs in the NT machine, so when I run the cfgmaker, it
should make no difference which IP I use as long as it's the correct adapter
(2).  Am I wrong in assuming this?  If so why?

It's very annoying because I want to see the traffic on the card that is
connected to the cable modem to show me the proper cable modem throughput.  I
cannot use the card on the Win95 machine, since I download/upload to my NT
server on the local network, and the speeds here are much higher.

Please help.

P.S. This used to work just fine until a few days ago.

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