[mrtg] Re: ucd-snmp and CPU Load Average (RH6.1)

Uffe R. B. Andersen urb at image.dk
Sat Nov 20 01:03:17 MET 1999

At 16:58 19-11-99 -0500, you wrote:
>I have tried doing an snmpget on . OID and got a
>"nosuch name" error. However when I snmpwalk of .
>(take out the 2) and I get the variable name for .
>OID. I am running Redhat 6.0 with UCD if that might be the difference!!

What variable name do you get? Wtether I use one or the other, I still get
variables from the enterprise.ucdavis... part of the tree and not as
expected, from the host.hrDevice...
What version of ucd-snmp is RH6.0 shipped with?

Med venlig hilsen - Sincerely
Uffe R. B. Andersen - mailto:urb at image.dk

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