[mrtg] Threshold Checking in MTRG2.8.9 on WinNT

Meisner, Jeff D MEISNEDJ at aramco.com.sa
Sun Nov 21 06:24:55 MET 1999

ThreshDir: d:\wwwmon\threshdir

# Global Defaults

ThreshMaxI[_]: 200000
ThreshProgI[_]: d:\mrtg-2.7.4\run\sendmail.cmd
ThreshProgOKI[_]: d:\mrtg-2.7.4\run\sendmail1.cmd
ThreshMaxO[_]: 200000
ThreshProgO[_]: d:\mrtg-2.7.4\run\sendmail.cmd
ThreshProgOKO[_]: d:\mrtg-2.7.4\run\sendmail1.cmd

This seems to work fine except for one small problem, I keep getting the
--"process tried to write to a non-existent pipe"--
when I run it the CFG file from a DOS window, and the mail message is sent.
But, I get no mail message sent when the process is run in the background.

contents of SendMail.cmd

d:\mrtg-2.7.4\run\postie -host:host.domain -to:user at domain
-from:perfmon at host.domain -s:"%1 threshold exceeded" -msg:"%1 has broken %2
- currently at %3"

Does anyone out there have any suggestions.  I am baffled right now. 
I really wish this section was documented better.

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