[mrtg] Re: indexmaker

Daniel R. Kilbourne drk at voyager.net
Mon Nov 22 07:57:16 MET 1999

Sound like it's not finding indexmaker. Either make sure the directory 
containing indexmaker is in your path or use the absolute path (ie: 
c:\winnt\mrtg\indexmaker) to call it


At 09:43 AM 11/22/99 +0300, Aiman wrote:
>I am triyng to use indexmaker to produce an index page for all my links.
>I typed the following line:
>[indexmaker -t 'All Links' -r '.' -o D:\index.html mrtg.cfg] where D is my 
>Unfortunately got the following message
>(The specefied name in not recognized as an external or internal command, 
>operable or program or bach file)
>please give me your comments on that
>Thanks in advanced
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