[mrtg] Re: using RRD Tool

Tim Kennedy sugarat at thunderhold.sugarat.net
Wed Nov 24 00:59:40 MET 1999

On Tue, 23 Nov 1999, Rainer Bawidamann wrote:

> rrdtool should know this option since 1.0.2. Please make sure that you
> really use 1.0.4.
> [Tobi: I thought it's possible to "use RRDs 1.0.4" but I can see no
> effect (e.g. with "use RRDs 2.1.2")]

I thought I was, but apparrently I had a version of rrdtool-0.99.19 that
was the RRD.pm version 0.99.0, and I think that was the one being used.
I upgraded the site-perl version or RRDs.pm and everythign works.

> There is a somewhat uncomplete (and undocumented) feature in the actual
> 14all (0.9) - it supports multiple config files. In fact it supports
> giving a config file on the command line, i.e. you can call 14all with
> the parameter "cfg=<config file>", e.g.
>        http://mrtg-host/mrtg-path/14all.cgi?cfg=router.domain.com.cfg

Awesome.  Thanks for that tip.
> The config file name can contain a full path and should if the cgi is
> not in the workdir (next version will use 'workdir' for the cfg option).
> The missing part: You have to create the page with a URL/link for every
> config file yourself.

That's one of the reasons I built my inventory scripts.  :)
Thanks for the help.  Everythign is working hunky-dorey, now.


Tim Kennedy

ps. A HUGE THANK YOU for putting together the MRTG/RRDTool package.
I appreciate it, as I am sure others do.  Thank you.

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