[mrtg] Ping Probe

Robert Knotek robert.knotek at brainforce.co.at
Wed Nov 24 08:48:10 MET 1999

The ping-probe script i use only returns integer.

Thats Ok if i monitor nodes on an WAN because png times anre greater 1 ms.
Whes i monitor nodes on an LAN times most times lower 1 ms.

That tere will be no beautifull graph is ok.

BUT i use theshols checking for uptime measuring. Nodes on an WAN i can 
check if time is lower 1 ms its not reachable because ping probe return 0ms 
if it can't reach the node.

On an LAN there are the times lower 1 ms (0,1....  0,9 ms) and so 
ping-probe returns 0 ms whichmy theshold think is an node in DOWN state.

Ist there any ping-probe which returns at least 1 number behind the komma 
(0,1 and not 0)

I use LINUX and the ping returns the right value.

best regards

Ing. Robert KNOTEK
Gumpendorferstr. 83 / 1 / 1
A-1060 Wien

Tel: ++43 +1 59951 21
Fax: ++43 +1 59951 13
email: robert.knotek at brainforce.co.at

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