[mrtg] Re: 5300 MRTG/OID question

David C Prall dcp at dcptech.com
Tue Nov 30 21:02:47 MET 1999

> Thanks for the help!  I still think that doesn't work.  here's where
I'm at:
> I need the IN value to be ISDN usage (not analog usage) (OID - another
> and the OUT value to be total port usage (just one OID).  I don't
think it
> can be done, not with addition and subtraction and not without using
> external script :(
> Let me know if I'm wrong...
> Brantley

You just need an OID that always returns a 0. You'll have to do an
snmpwalk of the device and find one. Attempt to find an OID that reports
the number of connections using some protocol that you aren't supporting
on the Box, such as IPX.

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