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>If they are managed, it is almost a lead-pipe cinch the use
>SNMP--question is do they use MIB II which most of the MTRG
>stuff wants.

HP AdvanceStack 100Base-T Hub(Managed)
Part Number: HPJ3233B 
Description: HP 12 Port 100Base-T Hub(Managed) 

hp says:

Dear Mr. Schooler,
Thank you for contacting HP ProCurve Networking.

The HP advance Stack 100Base-T Hub-12TXM is a 100Mbps device,
only.  A 10Mb device will not be able to connect to it.

We are not familiar with the MRTG utility you are referrring to.  
However if it, like the AdvanceStack hub, supports SNMP version 1,
you should be able to monitor network traffic through it.

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance or contact us 
directly at (970) 635-1000 and choose options 3 and 6 for networking 

Thank you.

HP ProCurve Networking
HP Customer Care Center

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Original message follows: 

Name: Mr. kevin  schooler
Job Title: Network Administrator
Company: Level Seven
Address Line 1: 2103 harrison nw suite 2713
Address Line 2: 
Box Number: 
City: olympia
State: wa
Zip: 98502
Country: United States
E-Mail: administrator at L7.net
Source Code: EM_01
dear sirs,

we have 8 of these:

Part Number: HPJ3233B 
Description: HP 12 Port HP AdvanceStack 100Base-T Hub(Managed)

and would like to do the following:

a) monitor traffic though them via the MRTG
(multi router traffic grapher) utility, (uses snmp)
and would like to know if this hub supports it,


b) will this hub allow you to plug a 10baset device into it?
or is it 100 base t only?

thank you.

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