[mrtg] Error in loding shared libraries.

Koujiro Iuchi iuchi at yano-el.co.jp
Fri Sep 3 02:48:23 MEST 1999

Dear everybody,

I'd like suggest me to my problem.

I'm try buld up MRTG with GD-1.6.3 and MRTG-2.8.8
My environment are
           Redhat Linux 5.1
           Perl 5.004_04

That system Compile and Configure gowing well,
But it error occor when  run MRTG at  type ./mrtg mrtg.cfg.

And so I no change the Makefile, It must be change??
What wrong?
Or it must use with GD-1.3??

Error Message  are

.//rateup: error inloding shared libaries
libd.so.0: cannot oen shared object file: No such file or directory

Koujiro Iuchi
Network management
yano Electric

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