[mrtg] Ping-Probe Problems

Andres Tong Andres.Tong at jud.ca.gov
Fri Sep 3 07:26:33 MEST 1999

     I am running MRTG 275 and I can generate the GIF and HTML files for 
     ping probe, but I am not getting any data. Perhaps I am not excuting 
     ping probe via perl? I am doing this from NT 4.0 with the Ping.exe 
     from Win98.
     I am concerned that maybe my syntax is wrong for the follwing lines. 
     I've tried both:
     Target[www.test.com] `perl  d:\mrtg\run\mrtg-ping-probe  www.test.com`
     or without the perl statement:
     Target[www.test.com] `d:\mrtg\run\mrtg-ping-probe  www.test.com`
     Do I need to specify my perl path in the top of the ping-probe source 
     If so, what is the correct path format for `d:\per\`  ?
     Anyone can help?
     -andres Tong
     Judicial Council of California
     San Francisco, Ca USA

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