[mrtg] Re: Ever incrementing Values

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Sat Sep 4 01:59:13 MEST 1999

> I'm monitoring some services on an NT server. These values always grow and
> never reset.  I'm having problems getting mrtg to show me the average values
> every 5 minutes.  What it's doing is showing me the actual values, which
> after about 2 hours go off the graph. My cfg looks like this:
> Target[dhcp-requests]:
> at dhcp
> MaxBytes[dhcp-requests]: 15000
> Options[dhcp-requests]: gauge

Get rid of the option gauge line. You are telling MRTG to behave just
as you specify.

You say: This is not a counter but rather a value (like temperature)
and it can not exceed 15000.

You want: This is not a value but a counter (number of dhcp requests
received so far) and the increase can not exceed 15000.


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