[mrtg] Summation of Log Files

Brian S . Adelson brian at voicenet.com
Sat Sep 4 05:21:06 MEST 1999

I was curious if anyone has written a program to do this following:

Take the log files created by mrtg for a certain period of time and provide a summary of how much
traffic was passed through the given interface.  This would be the TOTAL traffic passed through.

The main reason I could see a use for this would be if someone was to sell a customer a given
amount of traffic allowed to pass through a interface at any given time.  i.e.  Your web server is
allowed to send and recieve up to 1Gig of data per month for the price of $$$.  

Has anyone ever created anything like this for MRTG.  Or know of any problems that would be able to
do this.  The main problem is that we will not always have access to the end user eq for SNMP
	stats, therefore we would need to gather this information from the router and create the
	summary from that interface.

	Thanks in advance,

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