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I installed UCD package ucd-snmp-3.6.1-4.i386.rpm that comes with Redhat 6.0
distribution. However OID's you provide give error messages. No "enterprise"
info can be get through snmpget or snmpwalk command.

How do you compile a MIB tree? What is MG-Soft?

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Actually, UCD does support Memory Usage/Swap Usage .. don't know about HDD
IO.. I can't find it.  If you compile the UCD mib file into a browser (I use
MG-Soft) then you can parse through this information.  I've attached the txt
file of the UCD MIB structure, along with the specific OIDs.		memTotalSwap		memAvailSwap		memTotalReal		memAvailReal		memTotalFree

If you have any problems, let me know.  I been working with this exact
(almost) same project over the past couple of days and have had pretty good

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