[mrtg] Monitoring ports on Catalyst 5500

Stefan Wiederoder swiederoder at lidl-schwarz.de
Tue Sep 7 18:00:36 MEST 1999

hi folks,

I´m trying to monitor a 10/100 Ethernet port on a WS-X5225R module built
in a C5500
(located at slot 6). I'll get 25 for ifIndex when I´m using  the
following command:

         R_SVEIII> sh port ifindex 6/6

        Port   ifIndex
        -----  -------
         6/6   25

My target in the mrtg.cfg looks like this:

    Target[]:25:public at
    Title[]: Switch (): FastEthernet6/6
    MaxBytes[]: 12500000
    Directory[]: netdevices/4_100_99_12
    Options[]: bits growright

the next step is to run mrtg "mrtg /etc/mrtg.cfg", and this is the

       root at pinguin_1:/home/stefan > mrtg /etc/mrtg.cfg
        SNMP Error:
         response received
        SNMPv1_Session (remote host: "" [].161
                  community: "public"
                 request ID: 1635127368
                PDU bufsize: 8000 bytes
                    timeout: 2s
                    retries: 5
                    backoff: 1)
        SNMPGET: Failed to reach target: "25:public at". I
tried multiple times!
        root at pinguin_1:/home/stefan >

can someone help me with that ???

stefan wiederoder

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