[mrtg] Re: Error when using threshdir

David C Prall dcp at dcptech.com
Tue Sep 7 18:09:45 MEST 1999

> After recently upgrading to mrtg v2.8.8 I have started using the
> checking.  However, when I specify the threshdir option I get the
> error:  CFG Error: Unknown option "threshdir"  I have tried the
> with/without  single/double quotes. Am I doing something wrong or is
this a
> UDF.
> Exctract form cfg file
> threshdir[item]: c:\temp
> Dave Kelly
> Ergon Energy

ThreshDir: /www/html/thresholds

This needs to be placed right under the WorkDir: line
They are used for the overall config file and not for individual

Hope this helps,

David C Prall, MCNE MCSE          DCP Technologies
dcp at dcptech.com                       http://www.dcptech.com
dcppage at dcptech.com

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