[mrtg] Flatliners

Javier Guzman jguzman at iwl.net
Tue Sep 7 21:03:59 MEST 1999

I have installed MRTG 2.8.8  in an NT4.0 machine to monitor Nuera FRADs 
(Frame Relay Access Devices). I have managed to get it started and 
going.....for a while. One of the pair of variables I am monitoring goes 
north, that is stops working and gives me a straight line as if MRTG cannot 
aqcuire data any more. The other measurements look ok. I have checked the 
snmp variables coming from the box, they are just plain 32 bits counters. 
What could be the cause of the problem? I am puzzled at this point. I have 
checked the variables using a snmp browsing utility and they are OK. The 
manufacturer suggested that MRTG might be interpreting the variable as a 
signed integer. Is there a way to correct this with MRTG? is that a factor?

Javier Guzman

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