[mrtg] Re: monitor of the temperature

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Wed Sep 8 10:31:02 MEST 1999

> I want to monitor the temperature of the machine by using mrtg_2.5.1.
> But I failed to do it.
> I have a perl script "temp.pl" which gives us the output of the temperat
> ure as 
> the format of "(temperature)\n\n\n\n".

I'm not sure if you should have two numbers. First try the stuff mentioned
below, if it still fails try "(temp)\n0\n\n\n"
When run from the command line your output should show up as the following
lines, however without quotes:
"/usr1/people/yamada$ ./temp.pl"

> My Mrtg.cfg is as follows.
> Target[temp]: '/usr1/people/yamada/temp.pl'
> MaxBytes[temp]: 

Provide a number for maxbytes or leave the line out.

Add a line "Options[temp]: gauge


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