[mrtg] ping-probe NT and no data on th gifs

bear bear at mail.tik.com.au
Wed Sep 8 15:28:57 MEST 1999

Hi all
 Managed to get ping probe to work    (using win98 ping.exe )
 and from the command line manage to get two numbers returned
ie perl mrtg-ping-probe  an.ip.address.here 
this works fine ( i take it this is the result we are looking for )
only problem is the graphs show 0 if placed in to the normal mrtg.cfg files
have the latest ping-probe from the site
oh for you NT people out there i had to use "c:\mrtg.X.X.X\run\mrtg-ping-probe ip.address.here"
note the double quote to get the program not to error with cant find the program etc etc
the log files are all 0 .
enough info ? 

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